Listen To Atish’s & Slee’s 2 Hour Mix From Burning Man

“Every year on the Playa brings new lessons. Some are complex, some are simple reminders. For the two of us this past year, the message was “back to basics.” As hyper-analytical DJs, we’re prone to focusing on performance from a critical viewpoint: did we gauge the energy level correctly, were our transitions dialed in? But this year, playing after the sunrise on Friday, seeing so many friends and campmates out for a morning dance reminded that the point of all this is a simple one: coming together and sharing moments of joy. A wonderful and welcome wake-up call. Thanks to Robot Heart for setting the stage!”

Weekly Vibe Vol. 4

Welcome to our fourth installment of our ‘Weekly Vibe’. Each week we will post a compilation of 10 songs that we feel have a good flow and make a well-rounded listening experience. Enjoy.


  1. Engelwood – Been Missing You
  2. Calvin Harris – Slide (feat. Frank Ocean & Migos)
  3. Crankdat – Frontlines (feat. GG Magree) (Remix)
  4. TRAILS – Man In The Moon (feat. Dagny) (Remix)
  5. Nuar – Devotion (feat. Zekt)
  6. Mura Masa – 1 Night
  7. Leven Kali – Joy
  8. Samplified – Future Sessions
  9. Kidswaste – Playing To Lose (Remix)
  10. Cohenbeats – Coming Home